History & Awards

Founded on the principles of bringing fairness and transparency to the coffee value chain while satisfying customer demand, Ayam Coffee Exporter is also a company with heart and vision and has a proud history of providing high-quality and traceable coffee to the international market.  

Bringing fairness & transparency

We specialize in coffees sourced from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Guji, Djimma, Nekemet. and Harar Since its inception, Ayam has established a track record of fair trading and excellent customer service.

The diversified types of Arabica cultivation in the country and its  highly suitable environment with high altitudes, good rainfall, and  rich volcanic soils yields to the uniquely Ethiopian flavors and  aromas that are present in its elegant range of gourmet, specialty,  and organic coffee. Coffees are rich in acidity, body, aromatic, and  sweet flavored, with a spicy, flora, or mocha taste.



To export a high quality, traceable and different variety of Arabica natural and washed coffee while working mutually beneficial relationships with the community and the environment that we live in..


To be a leading high-quality premium coffee Ethiopian Arabica Coffee Exporter in Ethiopia by 2026.

Ayam Coffee Exporters, started its operation in 2017  by exporting Ethiopian coffee. Ayam Coffee doing to expand its export by large scale to all corners of Europe, America, Middle East & Asia and Australian market advance its need of joining market in large scale.

Core Value

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Focused
  • Team work
  • Innovation

Ayam coffee was established in 2017. We have grown to become a knowledgeable import/export business with over forty staff members. Our main import business is the acquisition and distribution of construction materials. This remains extremely profitable as Ethiopia’s economy continues to grow year on year.We have extensive relationships with coffee suppliers in the interior. We are ready to supply both specialty and commercial coffee from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange.